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Come what may

The scarlet in the Day

In Memory of Melody

Bless the Lord

Step by Step

Hope again in God

Be all

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Gospel of Grace

My New Family


DASS Camp 2012


Holding on to Hope


Week 4: still waiting

O trusting heart, the Lord to you has said

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Week 3: Waiting


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Week 2: trust

Those who know your name

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the Gospel

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I will serve you while I'm waiting

Will you?

All that seems to matter

Für uns

No More

the art of trusting

Only You

An Easter Prayer

Crush me till I am broken

You provide make for yourself a glorious name


Hold Me

I choose love

Elohim: Creator

He sees me. Even when I can’t tell yet

Who are you God?

This is my reason to sing

When sorrow comes under the power of Diving grace...