Trust in His Promises

"God...calleth those things which be not as though they were" (Rom. 4:17).

What does that mean? Why Abraham did this thing: he dared to believe God. It seemed an impossibility at his age that Abraham should become the father of a child; it looked incredible; and yet God called him a "father of many nations" before there was a sign of a child; and so Abraham called himself "father" because God called him so. That is faith; it is to believe and assert what God says. "Faith steps on seeming void, and finds the rock beneath."

Only say you have what God says you have, and He will make good to you all you believe. Only it must be real faith, all there is in you must go over in that act of faith to God. --Crumbs

Be willing to live by believing and neither think nor desire to live in any other way. Be willing to see every outward light extinguished, to see the eclipse of every star in the blue heavens, leaving nothing but darkness and perils around, if God will only leave in thy soul the inner radiance, the pure bright lamp which faith has kindled. --Thomas C. Upham

The moment has come when you must get off the perch of distrust, out of the nest of seeming safety, and onto the wings of  faith; just such a time as comes to the bird when it must begin to try the air. It may seem as though you must drop to the earth; so it may seem to the fledgling. It, too, may feel very like falling; but it does not fall--it's pinions give it support, or, if they fail, the parent birds sweeps under and bears it upon its wings. Even so will God bear you. Only trust Him; "thou shalt be holden up." "Well, but," you say, "am I to cast myself upon nothing?" That is what the bird seems to have to do; but we know the air is there, and the air is not so unsubstantial as it seems. And you know the promises of God are there, and they are not unsubstantial at all. "But it seems an unlikely thing to come about that my poor weak soul should be girded with such strength." Has God said it shall? "That my tempted, yielding nature shall be victor in the strife." Has God said it shall? "That my timorous, trembling heart shall find peace?" Has God said it shall? for, if He has, you surely do not mean to give Him the lie! Hath he spoken, and shall He not do it? If you have gotten a word --"a sure word" of promise--take it implicitly, trust it absolutely. And this sure word you have; nay, you have more--you have Him who speaks the word confidently. "Yea, I say unto you," trust Him. --J. B. Figgis, M. A.

Lord the battle is over, this is it. I give everything to you today in surrender and submission. You win, I won't fight your plan, your will, your thoughts, your love anymore. I give everything I am, the little I have completely to you in surrender. All I am is yours.

It is time for me to get off the perch of distrust and living in fear and out of the things that I convince myself keep me safe and onto the wings of faith...

I will often feel very much like I am falling...

Help me believe you are bearing me up. The air is there... YOU ARE THERE and your promises are not some unsubstantial thing, they are the very real rock on which my faith is anchored. They are the very real hope that keeps me pushing through this life every single minute of every single day. They are the very key to my peace, joy, and true rest.

I won't stop asking questions. Why did Abraham do that, what does it mean? Have you said that you understand, you very genuinely know my temptations? Have you said that this trembling, fearful heart can find peace and trust?

I will start answering them by faith. You hold this life in your hands today Lord, and all she has is yours. Help her trust, help her wait, help her FIND JOY in living. In simply being alive today because of you. 

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