Taken, Blessed, Broken, Given

     I don`t want to share too many of my own thoughts, not to distract from the actual words of Henri Nouwen, but rather to invite you to either read his book, The Life of the Beloved, or this short sermon series based on the book on youtube. Until the last year and a half I never knew who Henri Nouwen was. Now his name stands out to me in other books and sermons I have read... and his truths resonate within my heart in way truth hasnt`t for a while. This sermon series is a one hour snapshot into his book and to the truths he has based his life upon. Like I said, I don`t want to share too much, but to say that these words have truly helped me in so many ways to get back to where my heart should be in communion with God.

            I am his beloved, and he has chosen me, blessed me, broken me, and given me to the world as a sacrifice of his love.

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