Final Week

        Thank you for joining me over the last six weeks! We end by reflecting on the transition from death to life seen between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, from the crucifixion of Jesus to his resurrection three days later. We are given the same opportunity to transition from death to life as we die to our former selves to become newly full of life on Easter Sunday.

Join us, as we reflect, recommit, and celebrate this Easter weekend!
My reflections:
"...two realities of living like Jesus. Sometimes, when God uses us for his purposes, it involves great joy and celebration. Other times, it may require sacrifice, hardship, and perseverance."

From This week:  focus on what we learned about living life to its fullest by reexamining each of our previous five challenges through the lens of Jesus’ final days of earthly ministry. 

Each day, we will revisit the themes of the last five weeks –
Monday: Fasting 
Tuesday: Prayer
Wednesday: Giving,
Thursday: Thankfulness
Friday: Service

We’ll reflect on what we have learned and recommit to 
the life we wish to lead. But we will also count the costs and 
obstacles we will face along the way. 

      -Although I naturally excel at my gifts through giving and serving... I so often fall short in the areas of fasting, prayer, and especially thanksgiving. Not honoring myself or finding the glory for myself can be my biggest barrier to knowing Christ sometimes. I want his honor and HIS glory to be on the throne, but so often it is my own. I pray I will see growth in those three areas in the coming weeks and that Christ will soften my prideful heart through my goals and most importantly, through his word.

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