Tonsillectomy Success

           Thank you for your prayers and your thoughts! I am well on the way to recovery from the Tonsil surgery on the 14th. I left the house for the first time on Tuesday (went to Target with mom) and had my 10 day post-surgery appointment this morning with the Dr. He said everything looks really great, and I gained 6 lbs! Which is a huge answer to prayer, since I had already lost weight prior to surgery. I am now waiting to loose the scabs which is the next big step for recovery and beyond that I can begin to eat/drink most anything. Right now it is still a soft/liquid diet because there is a lot of swelling and most any flavor or salt burns.

           Thank you again for your prayers. I can only thank my incredible mother for staying by my side, forcing meds and fluids, and helping me to get better quickly. Now I just have to maintain it.

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