My New Family

Going to the pool

          Last week I moved in with my second family of the summer, the Ottos. Though I will have much less time with them I am already really enjoying their kids and getting to know Joy-the mom. Philip, the father, was born and raised in Detroit but he has German family lines and they have now been living here more than 10 years together. Joy is German and it is a huge blessing that the kids are bilingual, at least in understanding. It is really funny because Fee, the oldest, once had a "click" moment in the USA while on vacation where she just all of the sudden started speaking English all the time, and she still does now. But Isaiah the middle child only speak German normally, and baby Eve is only saying "Nein" all the time, which means no :)

         I am so glad that I can still speak and hear German all the time, but also use English to catch myself when I can`t find a word or to round up the kids when they won`t listen to me. And it is also a blessing to be able to talk with Joy about what is going on in my life and really share my heart with someone, finally. It has been a long summer of really having no friends except my mom and talking with Leah through Skype dates. Although nearly at the end of my time here, I am thankful for this gift of hospitality and friendship. Joy often has wise words about marriage and being a mom, and I am thankful for her encouragement and open-heartedness.

Playing Candyland for hours
               On the normal day the kids wake me up at 7 or 730 and we just read books in my bed until we "have to" eat breakfast. Fee is like me in the morning, she just wants to lay in bed, drink some tea, be lazy. And Isaiah is bonkers... he is running around talking so loud, wants to play Candyland again... and me and Fee just lay there and read another book. Then eventually comes Eve who also wants to cuddle, but wants to turn the pages really fast so she can see the pictures, of course, that is the best part. Then the older two are off to kindergarten and Eve is home a few more hours until she takes her nap. The kids come home and we continue to play outside in the play house or maybe watch a short show or read more books. These kids are a joy to be with, to play with, to read with. I am really thankful that this family opened up their doors to me and opened up their hearts and their kids as well.

"Even the sparrow finds a home, the swallow a nest for her young. 
Blessed are those whose strength is in you. Blessed is the one who trusts in you."
                                                                                     -Psalm 84

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