The first thing to do is nothing

            This morning I awoke to another beautiful fall day and saw the magnificent colors of the leaves as they all begin to change. What perfect timing. The week I was in the hospital the weather made its first change from summer-like weather to fall-like weather. What another beautiful picture of the changes the Lord was about to bring into my life. To shed away the doubt and guilt that came with the drought of late summer and to begin the process of actually dying-to all that junk that prevents me from changing-so that I can be made new, into beautiful blooming fruit for the glory of my God. 
          His timing was perfect this morning as I thought about the changing leaves and nestled under a blanket to read my Streams in the Desert for October 7th. You won`t believe what his words to me were today...

          “Who is among you that fears Jehovah, that obeys the voice of his servant? He that walks in darkness and hath no light, let him trust in the name of Jehovah and rely upon his God” (Isa. 50:10, RV).

            What shall the believer do in times of darkness–the darkness of perplexity and confusion, not of heart but of mind? Times of darkness come to the faithful and believing disciple who is walking obediently in the will of God; seasons when he does not know what to do, nor which way to turn. The sky is overcast with clouds. The clear light of Heaven does not shine upon his pathway. One feels as if he were groping his way in darkness.
            Beloved, is this you? What shall the believer do in times of darkness? Listen! “Let him trust in the name of the Lord, and rely upon his God.”
            The first thing to do is do nothing. This is hard for poor human nature to do. In the West there is a saying that runs thus, “When you’re rattled, don’t rush”; in other words, “When you don’t know what to do, don’t do it.”
                  When you run into a spiritual fog bank, don’t tear ahead; slow down the machinery of your life. If necessary, anchor your bark or let it swing at its moorings. We are to simply trust God. While we trust, God can work. Worry prevents Him from doing anything for us. If our minds are distracted and our hearts distressed; if the darkness that overshadows us strikes terror to us; if we run hither and yon in a vain effort to find some way of escape out of a dark place of trial, where Divine providence has put us, the Lord can do nothing for us.
            The peace of God must quiet our minds and rest our hearts. We must put our hand in the hand of God like a little child, and let Him lead us out into the bright sunshine of His love.
            He knows the way out of the woods. Let us climb up into His arms, and trust Him to take us out by the shortest and surest road. –Dr. Pardington

Remember we are never without a pilot when we know not how to steer.

“Hold on, my heart, in thy believing–
The steadfast only wins the crown;
He who, when stormy winds are heaving,
Parts with its anchor, shall go down;
But he who Jesus holds through all,
Shall stand, though Heaven and earth should fall.
“Hold out! There comes an end to sorrow;
Hope from the dust shall conquering rise;
The storm foretells a summer’s morrow;
The Cross points on to Paradise;
The Father reigneth! cease all doubt;
Hold on, my heart, hold on, hold out.”

               Who is this God? Who is this God that we have the privilege of knowing, of personally walking with and experiencing? This is a God worth serving. This is a God worth every ounce of energy and hope and dreams we have. This is a God worth everything. 
              Tears flood my eyes when I try to even wrap one thought around the fact that this God loves us. That this God have his one and only, precious, beloved Son, that we could have life. That we could know him.

             I want to do nothing but know him.  

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