As dying and behold we live

By death we live.

         "As it is in the floral tribe (or the trees), so it is in God`s kingdom. By death came everlasting life. By crucifixion and the tomb came the throne and the palace of the eternal God. By overthrow came victory.
         Do not be afraid to suffer. Do not be afraid to be overthrown. 
         It is by being cast down and not destroyed; it is by being shaken to pieces, and the pieces torn to shreds, that men become men of might, and that one a host; whereas men that yield to the appearance of things, and go with the world, have their quick blossoming, their momentary prosperity and then their end, which is an end forever."

    Measure your life by loss and not by gain,
    not by wine drunk, but by the wine poured forth. 
    For love`s strength stands in love`s sacrifice,
    And he who suffers most has most to give.

As dying and behold we live 
-2 Corinthians 6:9

              These are his words to you today. Don`t be afraid to give, to sacrifice, to surrender to what he is calling to die to. To a specific sin, a specific fear, a specific worry. To yourself, your motives, your passions, your desires. Be more afraid to let anything get in the way of your love for your God. Behold, He is a jealous God. He is jealous for you. Don`t ignore his whispers. Don`t ignore the picture of the fall trees laying before you. 
               For this is the way to truly live. This is the way to life abundant. This is the life He chose, doesn`t it make sense for us to follow him there? He calls us to take up our cross and follow him...his way leads to death...that we may have life.

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