Grace is Enough?

             For six years of my walk with Christ I read those words and I did find true comfort in them. I found comfort when I was too weak to want to love someone or when I failed to be a good friend. I found comfort when I made mistakes which I viewed as not that big, that Christ indeed covered those and forgave me.

            But for those six years, I was missing something huge. My pride prevented me from truly being, "weak," or seeing myself that really need more than a quick fix from the blood of Jesus. I confess that I thought I was too good to need the forgiveness of Christ. I hadn`t done anything that bad, I had followed nearly all the rules. I was a great student and daughter. I was involved in my church and youth group. Yea I fought with my sisters, but who doesn`t?

           It took my biggest failure, as I thought at the time, for me to wake up to the realization that I am an imperfect being, no matter how perfect I can try to be. When I fight with my sister, when I fail to be a godly friend, I break the heart of God just as much as the person who does ...

           Christ took and bore the weight of my sin and failures, the weight of the sin and failures of the world. And yet I try to tell him that his sacrifice wasn`t good enough and still needs my perfection in order to be sufficient.

            His GRACE is sufficient for me. His POWER is made PERFECT when I am WEAK. When I am weak, when I fail, when I mess up, when I realize the weight of my sin. Then is His grace and power sufficient and made perfect. In the realization that He bore my sin and has forgiven me fully. He is just and so he cannot overlook what I may think to be even the smallest sin. And we have "all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." -Romans 3:23 

          He is my holiness and he is my righteousness. Regardless of what I may think to be perfection, I am separated from God apart from CHRIST. It is in him and him alone that I have the right to go to God and to have unity with Him. 

          Right now my bible study is studying Colossians and on Tuesday we studied chapter 2:6-23. Here is another passage that I have read and studied over the years and always come to the conclusion that Paul`s repetition and reiteration meant for the Colossians was because of the attacks they were undergoing. But what does that mean for me? Am I not also experiencing attacks of the world through false teaching, false humility, puffed up reason? Yes, Paul`s heart was for the Colossians but it is also to each and every Christians because those words are inspired by Christ himself! Christ and Christ alone is our grace and our salvation. Christ alone is the gospel. I can add nothing to it. My rule following and false perfection will never buy me grace. 

          He is sufficient. Christ`s death and resurrection paid the price and brought victory over sin. He alone is enough.


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