Every Season

         It feels a little redundant to be writing again about the seasons, but I can`t help myself. With daylight savings this past Sunday I`m seeing the changes in the world around me more clearly. I am loving every minute of the sunshine I can get and the warmth of the sun I can feel. I love walking Parker and seeing that although the whether is warm, there is still feet of snow piled in the kroger parking lot from our huge snow a few weeks ago. As spring tries to creep in, winter is still showing its colors. 

        I love the seasons of our earth. How amazing is it that God created the seasons and spoke them into being with just a whisper. And why? He perfectly created the seasons, conserving the natural world to respond to the changes in the earth, and they serve not only to our enjoyment, but to constantly remind us who our Creator is. Some people are summer people and some people are fall people, I used to think I was a winter person, but now I think I am a season person. I love the change. I love weeks like this where as spring creeps in, I can still feel and taste the winter all around. And I can look forward to the summer as the warm temperatures remind me of those hot summer days. 

        I got into my car last night after an hour and a half of deep and rich bible study and I just melted into tears. For those few moments I was seeing spring trying to creep into my heart and yet I could so vividly see and taste the winter still lingering there. I thought to myself I am not who I want to be, and I am not where I want to be.

       "Lesley I created you, for ME. Who you are is all about who I am. I put you exactly where I wanted you. You are right where I want you. The people in your life, the moments of your day, the thoughts in your mind. I put them there. I am in control."

       Just like God is clearly the Creator and Sustainer of the seasons, so He is of my heart. He not only created me, the way He desired, but he sustains me through everything, every day that life throws at me. My absolute favorite place where I live is the Cascades. I try as often as I can to go and hike to the falls each season... because each season so clearly reveals a completely different waterfall. 

         As you can see last sunday when Parker and I hiked the Cascades, although the spring is clearly creeping in around the falls, the rainbow of winter ice is still holding firm and doesn`t want to let go just yet. The beautiful thing is that even those simple details are controlled by the Lord and His perfect timing. Even when I am trying to squirm the winter out of my sinful heart, only He can truly take it and replace it with the beauty and newness of spring. I want to have love in the Spirit for those around me, especially those closest to me. I want to be able to accept my past and let go of the ones I keep holding onto. I want my heart to be completely the Lord`s, I want to submit to Him. 

        I love the change of the seasons. And as this next change starts to happen, I pray to see that change happen in my heart.

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