Summer 2013

      I hope this picture helps me keep perspective. It is not the things we do but the people we are and the people we love that matter most.

And yet I am sucker for a to-do list so here goes... my hopes and dreams for the Summer of 2013!

1. Live with Leah!
2. Find a new job  Woo!
3. Find a new second job?
4. Study (oh the life of being a college student takes forever)
5. Walk Parker as much as possible
6. Go to Gillie`s at least twice
7. Play dates with Cooper!
8. Hike with Nikki and Marley
9. Eat as much froyo as possible
10. Go to the river at least twice
11. Travel somewhere Newport News, Lexington, Abingdon, Chincoteague
12. Read two books
13. Bike the Huckleberry
14. Exercise daily
15. Start a Bible study
16. Join a Bible study
17. Advance in German
18. NO netflix
19. Bonfire at the river
20. Volunteer with Equine Therapy
21. Greens
22. Wear lots of dresses
23. Make tons of smoothies
24. Pool hop :)
25. Finish the book with Nikki
26. Try hot yoga (hopefully with Steph)
27. Throw a baby shower for my sister!
28. See all my sisters together in one place
29. Live with Nikki!
30. Go to a horse show
31. Visit Claytor Lake
32. Go blueberry picking
33. Go camping
34. Starlight movie night
35. Go fishing

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