Relay 4 Life 2013

                We Hokies are in the midst of one of the busiest times of the year – exams are on the horizon, graduation is fast approaching and summer plans are being arranged. We are rushing to meetings every day, cramming at the math emporium every night and trying to make our last days left in Blacksburg count. However, with Relay so close, we should all take a brief moment to reflect on why exactly we relay: TO REMEMBER!

            But most importantly, as we look around at our Relay event and see thousands of Hokies, family and friends in attendance, we remember that we are never alone. Our community bond and love for one another is never-ending on this campus.
            We all have our own story about how cancer has affected our lives. And we all remember what we went through in the process. Relay for Life is a time to share your story and rejoice in the fact that you are never alone. We Hokies WILL NOT stop fighting the battle against cancer until a cure is found.

As we prepare our hearts and thoughts for VT Relay 2013 please watch the video below:

    It is hardly 24 hours before Relay for Life @ VT 2013 begins! Which means it is also your last chance to donate or join the team! Please visit the link here to find out more about joining my team or donating to the American Cancer Society.

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