Much to do with the attitude in which you serve...

             The last four days have been spent dwelling on the invitation Christ makes to us as individuals and to the nations through the Urbana 2012 conference in St. Louis. I was able to attend several healthcare seminars given by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who are either serving or have served on the mission field, and/or are active in their local mission as a healthcare provider. 

             I learned so much and had so much practical and spiritual advice poured over me but I want to share at least a few things which really touched home for me as a nursing student and what I believe will help me be successful and missional throughout my time in school and in the future as my career.

            One doctor shared in his seminar, the call of the healthcare professional, the four main ways to touch lives through our daily work.

            1. Define your calling: Identify first in Jesus Christ (1 John 3) Our real job is to make His name famous among all peoples. and realize you are sent (John 10) be available, be obedient, be practicing holistic ministry, and give God glory. 

           2. Developing your calling: 1. Spiritual interventions: Assessment: How do you adress spiritual distress, what is the source of your strength. 2. Prayer! 3. Faith Flags 4. What is God doing
               In developing your call always be sensitive, respectful, and ask for permission.

           3. Discharging your calling: 1. Following Jesus- How am I following today? 2. Greatest Danger-distractions 3. Mentoring- being mentored and mentoring younger students/nurses.

            The next vital thing I learned was the idea of maintaing strict margins within my own life and healthcare practice. Healthcare has little to do with where you are, but much to do with the attitude in which you serve. We must define our personal expectations for ourselves and then each day, week, or at least month, reevaluate which expectations are not being met and where are sources of weakness or strength are truly coming from. More from busyness, or more from lack of time spent in the word?

          And lastly, in our work-a-holic culture are we truly needing to do more, work harder, or not? Instead are we actually working too hard and not spending enough time relaxing and meditating with God that our performance is weakening and our body is under excessive strength?

        At which point are we? Do we need to stop, refocus, redefine our expectations and realize where we truly are spiritually, emotionally, and even physically?

        These tips are so crucial to the healthcare professional, who is often invited to be overworked and over stressed in order to help others, but never themselves. But I believe they are truly points for all of us to consider and dwell on regarding the expectations within each of our own hearts and minds. 

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