The glass doors opened before me
And the rush came over me
My breath left my chest
And there I stood, starring, helpless

The world sees them as faceless
Walking by without a single care
To them it`s just another person,

I see them each unique
I hear the beating of their hearts
I want to know their story
To me each is another precious

My heart breaks for their pain
For the world and the homeless
Both homeless in their hearts
Searching for a place of refuge
That brings lasting security

Jesus you are the only one who knows their pain
You lived years without a place to rest your head

Teach them what it means for them
To make their home in you
To build its foundation on your truth

Guide us to stop searching
To rest in the place you have for us
The place in your heart
Our home

Jesus move my heart not only to grieve
But also to act on behalf of those you love
Those who need your healing

May the church be your hands and feet
To the homeless
To the world

May we display a home lived in you
That they will make you theirs too

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