Our Adventures

          After a beautiful evening in Santa Barbara with Chuck and Kevin I headed out yesterday morning to Roanoke. Everything went swimmingly until I reached Chicago and found out my flight to Roanoke was cancelled. The evening was spent in lines, changing flights, and on the phone. Eventually I met a student from William & Mary and then a woman from San Francisco headed to Smith Mountain Lake for a family reunion. So we decided to team up and get a flight together and then carpool to our different locations. So we spent the evening together waiting on flights and changing flights and finally got to Raleigh Durham at 1:30 Eastern. Then Polly`s husband drove us to Smith Mountain Lake and then my amazing, wonderful, so sweet roommates Kerri and Laura came and got us and took Collin home and then back to Blacksburg! It was quite the adventure and we got to watch the sun come up over the beautiful Blue Ridges and talk with each other which was perfect. So my adventure ended with more adventures. Being home is weird already, but it`s good. I can`t wait to write more about all that God is teaching me in these days and express it through writing. Our God is a God who saves, He is worthy of all our praise!

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