Why Virginia Tech?

Some would say I am ordinary
But there is more than what meets the eye
My life has never been lived stationary
I have loved traveling since junior high
From a Virginia summer at Granddad’s farms
To months spent in Germany and Switzerland
I’ve climbed the Appalachians with outstretched arms
And touched the cold snow atop the Alps with my hand
I’ve spent hours jumping horses over a fence
And raised a foal lacking someone who cared
Played lacrosse and field hockey, it was very intense
Teamwork paid off and many celebrations were shared
Most of my nights are spent with teens
Leading small groups and teaching my peers
We love to go to Starbucks and fill up with caffeine
We have grown so much over all the years
It’s been a while since my cousin battled cancer
Now my dad is in her shoes
Although there may never be an answer
My family clings to Truth through every bit of news
I have been blessed beyond measure
To go where I have gone and do what I have done
Virginia Tech will offer me more experiences to treasure
I have always loved the Hokies, and I want to be one!

As students all around me stressed while filling out applications and going on college visits nearly every weekend, I sat still with a peace that surpassed all of my understanding. Maybe it was because both of my parents went to Tech. Or that I spent many a summers growing up at my grandparents farm in southwest Virginia. Or that I committed my life to Jesus sitting atop the Blue Ridge Mountains when I was 15. But even with all those securities, there wasn`t really an answer. The closest thing I had to an answer was that God had given me a burning desire and passion to go to Virginia Tech. By following the words he had continued to place on my heart, I applied to Tech early decision in 2008, with the poem above as my written statement. Within months I received a letter telling me I had been accepted. My parents and I cried tears of joy, we both knew this was the place for me. And so that was that. I let Tech know I was coming and from that point on there was never a doubt. Tech has been a constant joy, even with the trials it has brought. I can`t wait to tell you more about what the Lord has done, is doing, and desires to do on this campus and in my life.

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