{LRS} Leah Rebecca

Perhaps the most exciting part of preparing for Virginia Tech was contemplating who would be my roommate. Although my wonderful Aunt and Uncle and cousins live in Blacksburg, I didn’t know a single soul on the campus. Yes it was definitely scary to consider moving in and going through life and class each day not knowing anyone, but it was exciting. Starting the night I found out I was accepted I prayed for my roommate. I prayed that she would have an open and accepting heart towards me and that God would prepare me to be the friend and the witness she needed for her faith, wherever it was. The only way to say it is that God did "far more abundantly than all that I asked or thought, according to his power at work within me" (Ephesians 3:20). He gave me Leah.

Leah grew up in a wonderful home; her parents, brother Ben, and her. Both of her parents are very smart and well educated. And they both work full time with special needs kids. Leah`s childhood was pretty normal. She has played soccer since a young age and has been very involved academically throughout her life. She is very smart and talented in her thinking. She is also very introverted. When we first met there were few conversations, mostly just quick questions and answers. We did enjoy going hiking together and she came to some campus ministries with me and a girl across our hall, Laura, as we tried out the different opportunities on campus. From day one I could tell Leah was very interested in who I was and what I was all about (especially the LeCrae songs I blasted from my car and laptop). As time passed I learned that she had grown up mostly non-religious. Her father’s family has Jewish heritage so they do celebrate Hanukkah as a family but other than that, they don’t practice any religion. It wasn`t long before Leah was asking me lots of questions. She eventually told Laura and I both that she had never met anyone who actually lived out what they "believed" as a part of their everyday life. She was astonished that every part-or most parts- of our lives reflected our beliefs and ultimately our love for the Lord. Soon her questions moved from surface lifestyle questions to deep theological questions. She read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, and other books while trying to discover what Jesus was all about. By this time she was coming to bible study each week, usually never saying anything, but then flooding me with questions she had about the scripture we analyzed.

The Lord was pursuing Leah. It was clearer than the sunrise. Each and every day was a journey of her trying with her human mind to understand a divine and all sufficient God.

On October 28, 2009, around 4pm, with still many questions unanswered, Leah committed her life to Jesus Christ on the floor of our dorm room. She admitted that many things probably wouldn’t be proven to her in Christianity right away, but she wanted what Jesus had to offer. So we read through the gospel as told by Paul in Romans and then Leah and I prayed together as she told God how unworthy, and sinful she was. And how she accepted his perfect sacrifice on the cross to cover her sins. And that she wanted with all her heart to know that she was blameless and accepted. That she was beautiful and precious in His eyes. As I said amen Leah looked up at me and said, "I feel so much better already."

It was one of the most amazing days of my life. But that is how everyday of Leah’s journey has been so far. She has continued to come to bible study with us, church with me on Sunday mornings, and read The Bible as well as other theological books on her own time. Leah still has a long way to go, we all do. But she now lives with a peace and hope that she never could have dreamed of before Jesus began pursuing her. And now I am blessed to walk through life with her, as God makes us into his perfect bridegroom. Everyday is such a joy: filled with laughter and embarrassing moments. I can`t wait for what Jesus has in store for both of us.

2 Corinthians 12:9

"My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect when you are weak."

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