Energy of Coffee and Scripture

Psalm 19:7 The Law of the Lord is perfect; reviving the soul.

"Let the words of the Lord become your spiritual caffeine. The more we hold it, read it, smell it, taste it, and live it, the more energy it will supply to our weary spirits."

Oh how can I even express my heart and soul for a cup of coffee? This morning as I sit and read scripture alongside my treasured cup of coffee I am filled with thankfulness and joy. I try to tell myself I don’t even like or need caffeine; I simple love the entire entity of coffee. And I have grown to love it more as it has become a part of my everyday routine. I love reading Psalm 19:7 and remembering that the Word is perfect, and it revives my soul! Just like my delicious coffee. I love the correlation between reading, tasting, living scripture in terms of coffee and how they will supply energy and life to our weary spirits. Coffee gets me going in the morning, and I love how it daily reminds me of the vitality of the Word of God to invade my life, like caffeine through my body.

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