World Vision: PRAY

        I`ve joined World Vision Youth`s movement leading up to Easter and as we prepare they will share one goal and one activity for each week prior. Week one was FAST and I decided to fast from movies, specifically giving up Netflix, but movies in general. And with all the downtime wishing to watch a movie I would spend that time with the Lord.

      And this week is about Praying:

Do you ever feel frustrated with prayer? 
The writings of Mother Teresa, someone viewed as spiritually esteemed, show that feeling frustrated with prayer is more common than we may think.
Can you relate with any of these frustrations?
– I don’t feel like I hear anything back from God.
– I don’t know how to pray.
– It doesn’t seem to be necessary in my life.
– It’s hard to make time and space in my life to pray.
– I’m not sure God is interested.
Read the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:5–13 and consider how this can be a model for prayer in your daily life
Go here to find out more about the challenge and get more involved.

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