Step by Step

Guide my steps by your word, so I will not be overcome by evil.
Psalm 119:133

              I`ve long loved the analogy of our relationship with Christ with a walk or a race. It paints a clear picture for me of what it is suppose to be like and how it is suppose to look. We can feel the weight of a race, we can imagine the training it requires, we can see the goal  winning achieves. And from start to finish, beginning and end, we can understand where we are along the way. 

          I have seen myself running, I have seen myself training, but right now I just see myself walking. Just resting. There are those times where even the greatest athlete has to force a break and simply relax. Let the training slide for a day and be content with rest. Our muscles need it, our brain needs it, and our hearts definitely need it. Walking restores our bodies, minds, and spirits. Walking gives us time to think and re-evaluate. 

          So it is step by step for today. Focusing on the Truth, training in godliness, and resting in peace.

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