Days go by and each new thing
Reminds me of your providence
My heart is beckoned to sing
It`s the only thing that makes sense

When I see the face of a young girl
With a sign in her hand, begging for life
I wish I could set her free and watch her twirl
I wish I could cut loose her chains with a knife

Somehow in the midst of it all
I am reminded of your love for us
How you’ve freed us from the fall
Set us apart for your purpose

When I fear the storms ahead
And your power to give and take
I wish for the escape your promises have said
For healing to reign for your name’s sake

And in the midst of it all
I am reminded of your power to protect
That you hear us every time we call
You restore lives that were once wrecked

Constantly I see your providence

Praise to the One who makes all things new
Praise to the God who gives us life
Praise to the One who restores our souls
Praise to you, God, the One who provides

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