From everlasting to everlasting you are God

Before the mountains were brought forth,
or ever you had formed the earth and the world,
from everlasting to everlasting you are God
Psalm 90:2
            Wednesday night we stayed near Colorado Springs with Monica and Sebastian. They have a beautiful little yellow house nestled beneath the Rockies. We ate pizza and talked for a while and then Christoph held Sebastian’s huge boa and then we planned for our next adventures. We went to bed shortly after that. The boys got up early because of the time change and made breakfast and then we packed up Rita to head out. We first went to Starbucks to steal their wiffy and e-mail and get maps for where we were headed and then the Garden of the Gods was our first stop. It is just the giant rock formations, all named different things, with the beautiful backdrop of the Rockies behind them. We just hiked around them and back, but it was beautiful.
            From there we got back on the road and headed to Rocky Mountain National Park. Along the way we stopped at St. Mary’s Glacier near Idaho Springs, CO. Christoph and Claus hiked about four miles to the next peak of the glacier, I only made it about two with my sandals and freezing toes. The Glacier was incredible, but most beautiful was the view of the Rockies behind it. Afterwards we thawed out our feet and then stopped in Georgetown and had the best homemade ice cream ever. We drove on and stopped about 10 miles outside of Estes Park to camp. We found a beautiful little campground overlooked by this sweet old couple, Rosaline and Sid, and set up camp. We made a huge fire, made dinner and s`mores and then played guitar. It started to rain and continued through the night, but we stayed pretty dry in our cheap tent. Christoph and I stayed up late talking and had a great conversation. Claus woke us up around 9, we packed up all our wet gear, and then headed to the park. We stopped at the info center and then went to McDonald’s for breakfast and to steal more wiffy.
St. Mary`s Glacier
            Afterwards we went into the park, bought our pass, and then went to hike Chasm Falls. It was a short hike with a small waterfall at the end. It was snowing most of the time we hiked, but we stayed warm as we hiked. Afterwards we drove up to Rainbow Curve, the highest point still open due to snow, and took some pictures. It was a beautiful view of the mountain range. After that we were frozen and we decided to start driving to Salt Lake when we found out Yellowstone had highs of 34-36 all weekend and 80% chance of snow. We drove into Wyoming and watched the most incredible sunset. Along the way we passed these huge rocks and Claus decided to stop and go hiking for a while, the boys made it almost all the way to the top. We drove until about 9 and then stopped at a hotel in Rawlins, WY. Today we are headed to Salt Lake City and I am sure many more adventures along the way!

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