Help Supply Mosquito Nets to Cure Zambia and receive cards in return

           When our team returned home from Zambia in August of 2010, we talked about choosing something specific to supply to Cure Zambia in 2011. Our team chose to supply the hospital with new mosquito nets for every bed, 100 total beds. Since then we have all be slowly working on ways to fundraise and support Cure Zambia through buying the new mosquito nets. Being home over Christmas break and not working has allowed me to finally have time to think and create what I want to do for this fundraiser. And now I am releasing it to YOU, hoping God has or will grab your heart for the disabled children of Zambia and you will be called to prayer and support. 
   I am making cards for CURE to fundraise. Each card is handmade, and very simply. They each have a photo which I took while I was in Zambia, some have a verse or reference, and each has on the back so whoever you share them with can learn more about Cure. The cards are 5 for $15 or 10 for $25. All the money will go to Cure for the mosquito nets. I can except cash, check, or paypal requests. Please contact me via blogger, e-mail (, or facebook to buy them! I am also willing to ship them at no extra cost, so let me know if that is something you are interested in. I hope not only to sell these cards, raising money to support Cure, but I also hope that each card that is given will spread the hope of Jesus Christ as seen through the hands and feet of what Cure International is doing worldwide. 

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