Today I am thankful

Daddy and I during his treatment

               I am thankful today that I was able to listen to Pastor Bill read and teach through Psalm 145 while sitting next to my daddy.
Three years ago I read Psalm 145 to my dad each day while he was in ICU after his major cancer tumor was removed. Even through his chemotherapy and radiation mom or my sister or me would read him Psalm 145 each day. Today at church Pastor Bill chose to share from Psalm 145 as a reminder of who our God is, and why we ought to praise him. I was reminded to praise him because he is always worthy, because he commends his works from generation to generation, and because of his trustworthy, patient, righteous character. Looking back of 2010 I can think of so many reasons to give Him praise. And looking into 2011 I know I will always have reason to praise Him, no matter what happens. Praise God for my dad-for his health and mostly for the way he praises our God, which deepens and expands my faith, and the faith to all his generations. Just in November dad wrote this through an e-mail to me....
"I have memorized much of Psalm 145 and every morning
 with my hands raised to the Lord I start my day by reciting the first 7 verses to the Lord.

My prayer now is that “one generation will commend your works to another” will indeed take hold among my succeeding generations. 

The Lord is answering my deepest prayers each week on this subject when Rose recites her Awana verses to me. Yesterday she sang the “Cubbie song” for me over Skype."

What a testimony of answered prayer and gracious God is over us. How thankful I am for my God. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice for my dad, for me, for generations to come, and for all. You are faithful. You satisfy the desire of every living thing!


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