Worries in Perspective

Today I had this random moment of thankfulness. Early this morning before work at my second job (nannying) I was making myself a latte at my primary job (It`s A Grind). While making it I was listening to two co-workers answer to customers, the drive-thru, and communicate with one another. Suddenly it struck me-Lord I am so thankful that most of my greatest worries are so miniscule. I take great joy in the fact that I spend nearly 40 hours of my week worrying whether the customer asked for non-fat or whole milk, or did they want whip cream? It was just a great time to sit back and thank God for how sovereign and in control of every single part of my life He is-even my work and workplace. I love that He cares about all the tiny details of life. And I love that I can rest in His peace in realizing how small my worries really are.

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