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Daddy and I
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My daddy took my sister and I trout fishing over Memorial Day weekend. The weekend consisted of many firsts and laughs for all of us. We learned all the basics to trout fishing, camping, cooking, and kayaking. All the activities were amazing and the family time alone was wonderful.
My favorite part of the weekend was hearing my dad teach us and tell us stories about fishing. I really cannot find words to tell how much I love listening to him tell stories and how much each of them teaches me about my relationship with my heavenly father. It is a beautiful and breathtaking occurrence. One day while we were out wading in the Current River daddy started telling a story. He wasn’t particularly trying to explain anything, just telling. He started to tell us all about trout. And here is the gist of the story: each individual trout fish is labeled at the spot where they are born. They then swim downstream (as far as they wish) until they choose a place to remain and mate. Once they mate the trout swims upstream, up to 1000 miles, through tiny creek beds and cold water, back to their birthplace, and give birth.” The best part was the ending, of course. When dad looked me in the eye and said, “And people don’t believe in a God. Not even a creator.”
It was absolutely the most beautiful picture to see just that small glimpse of the order and perfection to creation that our God’s handiwork made.
Then on Thursday night, a few days after we came home, our bible study was all about the creation story. We talked about how beautiful the story of creation is. How impeccable the character of God is and how present is the trinity. How absent is darkness and evil and how loud is beauty and holiness. I specifically walked away dumbstruck at how ordered and perfect all of creation was. My sweet friend Burgy added into the discussion how beautiful the language of Genesis 1 is with the poetry and repetition. It is amazing to me how ordered and perfect my God is. It is one of my favorite characteristics about him. 1 Corinthians 14:33 God is not a god of confusion, but of peace. Our perfectly controls each of our lives and when we submit to him, everything falls into his perfect place, perfect order, giving us resting and eternal peace. It is a beautiful thing to rest in my God’s sovereign control and order. Of this world and of my life. He is my perfect peace when my mind is stayed on him. (Isaiah 26:3)

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