Summer Goals

Self Goals:
1. Not buy a single article of clothing all summer.
2. Read 15 books.
Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller
Forgotten God by Francis Chan
Let me be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot

3. Fundraise $600 more for my mission trip to Zambia.
4. Blog every week about what I am learning.

Friend Goals:
1. Spend time in accountability.
2. Spend time with work friends.
3. Spend time with old friends who I haven`t seen/talked to.
4. Write Laura a letter each week at camp.
5. Write Evan letters at camp.

Ministry Goals:
1. Volunteer with E.A.T.S. (Equine Assisted Therapy)
2. Volunteer with I.C.A. (International Crisis Aid)
3. Be part of a co-ed and girls bible study.
4. Memorize a scripture verse each week

Work Goals:
1. Clock in and out on the hour.
2. Take breaks when needed for the time needed.
3. Go to the zoo with Burgy one day each week.
4. Bring my lunch every day.

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