Adopt a Grandparent

          In November I launched my Adopt a Grandparent fundraiser through my Mary Kay business. This fundraiser is designed to provide a little pampering and cheer to many elderly in my local community who would otherwise not receive anything for Christmas. 

This fundraiser is very near and dear to my heart not only because these people are local but because I work with the elderly every day. Did you know that the government limits how much lotion a medicaid patient can use? Their shampoo? Chapstick is not even something they provide at all... I have seen these truths all to clearly and sometimes they do make me angry, sometimes they make me sad. I believe no person should be neglected in this way but I also understand the costs involved. I know too many nurses who bring residents items from their own personal income in order to just meet their basic needs. Skin care is so important, especially to the elderly, who are prone to breakdown and pressure ulcers as they age. I want to help these nursing homes by providing these skin care products that nurses and nurse aides can then use if the residents themselves cannot to love these people`s hearts by protecting their skin.

Two local nursing homes have specifically chosen 250 residents with little to no income and no family who provides them with Christmas gifts. Unfortunately I still have 62 remaining residents who need to be sponsored by December 10th! It is only $25 and you provide them with three pampering products, a pair of warm socks, and a cute gift basket delivered to them by me during Christmas week. Please consider sponsoring a grandparent this Christmas and sharing the love of Christ with them that they may not otherwise see. 
More details are below and you can always contact me to find out more!

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