Covenant God

        It always makes me smile and laugh to myself when God brings up the same subject of faith several times within a specific day or week. Over the last few days it has been that of covenant. That our faith is a matter of covenant but that the fact that it is just points to the greater truth that our God is a God of covenant.

      The subject popped up first in my devo, then in conversation at the beach, then through a clear and beautiful sign from Him, and now in starting my summer session classes it is one of the first topics. God must be trying to tell me something...

      Going to the beach last week was absolutely amazing. Time away from work and stress was so needed and spiritual conversations with old and faithful friends was so refreshing, more than the sun and the fresh ocean water. Those friendships are proof alone of our covenant God. One who seeks to heal and restore our brokenness and bring new life and true joy. Watching Court and Leah over the years as God has completely transformed their lives is proof of His covenant love for us. And even though I often don`t believe it, it was evident in conversation that Christ has also completely transformed my life, even in the last year alone. If last year you had told me I would be where I am doing what I am, I would have told you that you had lost your mind. Yet the plans of my Father are bigger than anything I can dream up or hope for. He knows me intimately and His covenant love holds me even when I am faithless. 

        He is a covenant God who began with Noah as He promised the rainbow as a physical sig to represent that lasting promise He had made. It continued with Abraham as He declared His covenant to him and promised that it would hold true throughout eternity. His grace gives us life and access to an eternity with Him... how glorious it will be. I am reminded of long ago when I first gauged my ears because of this similar topic. I never want to forget or take for granted the grace I have been offered and I want my life to be a daily testimony to accepting the fullness of its worth.

These beach pictures are not really connected to this blog, yet at the same time they are because they are proof of the joy and the peace of the Lord in my life through the covenant that He promised me and continues to faithfully keep no matter how far away I run...

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