“If I had the opportunity to address people in power around the world, I would say, haven’t you had enough of the destruction in Syria? Haven’t you seen enough blood in Syria? Haven’t you seen enough deaths in Syria? What else do you still need, to save us and bring us back to our country?” 
-17 year old Syrian refugee in Jordan published by World Vision International Staff

In February of 2014 the United Nations released that “2.5 million refugees have fled Syria. And over half of those are children.” Please take the time to watch this video filmed by Talking Eyes Media, founder Ed Kashi, who are on the ground working with Syrian refugees.

              For weeks the Syrian conflict has been on my heart and mind and figuring out some way of reaching the hearts of these children has been my main aim. Last night I was provided a God ordained opportunity to talk about the Syrian conflict in my public speaking class through a persuasive speech and give a call to my generation to step up and do something.

              Although I wasn`t as prepared as I would have liked and I definitely did not do the job I had hoped, I am still praying that small seeds were planted within some of those students and they are challenged to take a stand and make a difference realizing ultimately that by choosing ignorance they are indeed making a choice. But like last night I would fail again if I did not first tell you that reading these statistics, watching that video, reading my words, are all meaningless unless you really know what is going on within Syria and really believe that God has the ultimate solution. 

            The only comment my professor wrote on my speech grade was that I needed to go more in depth on my overview of the crisis in Syria and I was at first speechless when I read it, no pun intended. How could these students not know? How could they simple stare at their cell phones and laptops and turn a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands dying or becoming refugees? 

            I will never understand it. I know there are so many horrible and sad things happening around the world and for any of them to be simply ignored and tolerated, literally disgusts me.

            The UNHCR, UNICEF, and many other agencies have united behind a call to both governments and to the public to Champion the Children of Syria by backing a $1 billion, "No Lost Generation" aid intervention.

            As I told my classmates last night, I, like them, am just an average American college student. And also like them I find it hard to believe that any small action I may take would really make any difference at all. But I have come to believe that if the small actions I take affect only 1 child, then it is more than enough. I know the power of my God and I know that his love for even one of those Syrian children is a strong as anything. So I challenge you believe that by helping even one, you are making a difference and to see the obvious ways in which you can take part...

1. Physically give your time and talents to serve as a volunteer
2. Give monetary donations to any supporting agency which you feel most needed and of course
3. Sign the petition for change to world leaders to unite behind the aid organizations already giving their     all to help these children.
4. Give up something to give these children life and hope for a future: one week of lattes can give a     refugee family clean water and food to prevent starvation, one week of not eating out can give a refugee family access to medical supplies and vaccines to prevent curable diseases from taking their lives.
5. Share these needs and the desperation of these children 

‘No Lost Generation’ is a comprehensive strategy designed to support the education and protection of children affected by the conflict in Syria, mobilizing resources and implementing critical initiatives on the ground to equip children with the skills and provide the psychological support needed for them to help shape a better, peaceful future for Syria and the region. The public campaign inspires advocates to be champions for the #childrenofsyria, drawing renewed attention to the need to stop the violence and suffering for children, ensure humanitarian access and respect for humanitarian law, and invest in protection, education and peacebuilding with children. 

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