Winter Wunderland

Adelboden, Switzerland
             Last weekend I was spoiled to be able to spend the weekend with my second parents and their sweet daughter and her family. It was so great to join them again for a few days, of course endure some crazy adventures, and enjoy a long evening walk in Adelboden. What if I had known years ago walking that same path where I would be now and how healthy my dad would be once again? Nancy reminded me again of the faithfulness of our God. It is a magical place: that small mountain city, those beautiful swiss Alps. 

           The weekend was packed. Friday I arrived after missing my train connection, I must say from me experience the trains are getting worse for some reason, and we enjoyed a tasty traditional dinner in their home. And together we celebrated Jay`s 60th! What a blessing to celebrate and to be with them on that special day. Nancy wowed me by being the first to ever bake peanut butter cookies that I actually liked! They were so yummy and she even sent more home with me so Opa could try them.

           Saturday I joined Jay`s habitat crew for a community service project bagging groceries to raise money for their trip next spring to Romania. I constantly was taken aback at the difference between Americans and Germans with their groceries. Americans usually complain and huff and puff when they don`t have a bagger and have to do it all themselves... Germans on the other hand want to orderly decide exactly where each thing goes and how it is packed. Needless to stay we got many, "No, I don`t want your help." But on the other hand we had a great time and raised a good amount for the school they will build next spring!

         After the service project Jay and I headed home, ate a quick bite and then packed up his car to head to Switzerland. We enjoyed a long stop at the border which we still don`t know why it was slow, and Nancy and I sat in the back and tested a few of Jay`s theories as to why we were held up, it made for lots of fun listening to Jay. He is always there for a good laugh. We arrived just at dusk in Adelboden and it was a God send that we followed a snow plow all the way up the mountain, otherwise we may have really not made it up. The street were covered in a snowy slush that was quickly freezing and we didn`t have snow chains or 4-wheel drive. It was again a reminder to here them both say, Praise God everything worked out and we made it safely. But Jay was a little sad we didn`t get to stop for cookies on the way.

      As we arrived we saw the family playing in the snow and sledding and we brought our things up the hill into the beautiful Janz team chalet. It was literally a winter wonderland. Everything was covered in snow, so much that you couldn`t even see the mountains around us because it was constantly snowing. Nancy and I enjoyed yet another long Adelboden walk in the snow late that night and it was still so bright, with pure white snow all around us. We shared about life, struggles, questions, and God confirmed in both of us the work He was doing and how He was purposefully leading us.

       The next morning the scenery was similar, snow everywhere and the clouds were draped across the mountains bringing even more snow along with them. We played in the snow and attempted to build a snow man which turned out more like a snow owl and it was quickly destroyed by little Sophia. After lunch we packed up and headed back towards Kandern with a stop in Basel to walk around the Christmas Markets and see the beautiful city all lit up. All the Weihnachtsmarks have opened this week and are absolutely breathtaking. I will write more about them in another post.

One generation shall commend your works to another,
and shall declare your mighty acts.
On the glorious splendor of your majesty,
and on your wondrous works, I will meditate.
They shall speak of the might of your awesome deeds,
and I will declare your greatness. (Psalm 145:4-6, ESV)


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