If God is good then why

Typhoon Haiyan, 2013

            The questions plague us when tragedy strikes and they are the first thing that comes to mind. If this God is so good, if this God is trustworthy, why does he allow such bad, horror, terror, death, pain, destruction, tragedy. And some don`t even stop there, not only does he allow it, is he responsible for it? Who or what allows these things to happen here, turning a bind eye and pretending there is nothing wrong.

           Why are we so quick to judge, so fast to blame? To be human is to be flawed. Each of us, human, are broken and incomplete. We are constantly searching for answers and trying to make amends to even the tiniest problems which reveal our emptiness.  But I believe there exist something far outside what the average mind can comprehend. When we choose to see beyond the brokenness and flawed spirit inside us, we can realize there is so much more that remains. 

          If God is so bad, why does he allow so much good? Furthermore, why did he create so much good? To be human is to be flawed. And yet he gives us beauty, he restores, to brings healing through doctors and intelligent technology, he is miraculous through the birth of a newborn baby, he is love through the wedding vows shared between a young couple in love. And we are so quick to forget, so quick to blame. Is there nothing good, that we can only blame him for the bad?

         There is no doubt that what has happened in the Philippines is a terrible tragedy. Thousands have lost their lives, and thousands more have lost everything but their lives. 

             Why is God immediately to blame? He is so bad that he would personally choose to inflict this pain and brokenness on humanity?

             My argument is not the theoretical scholar which proves through theorems and ancient texts rather it is the heart of a young woman who knows her God is so much more than when he is shoved into a box built by flawed humanity. I know first that my God is impossible to fully comprehend. I know second that I will always have questions, and these questions drive me even closer to Him in seeking to make amends with my own brokenness. 

            I choose today, to end my questions with the answer that I may never comprehend why God does and does not do things... simply like many other people who`s actions and decisions I will never truly understand. I choose today to submit to God in my own brokenness and all my flaws I will never understand why he allows me to carry. I choose today to take action rather than simply thinking. 
         The Philippines needs our help. Believers stop doubting that your God is not almighty enough to have prevented this typhoon. Stop doubting that he is not almighty enough to bring healing and beauty even in this place of death and destruction. Choose to believe that He has brought you into faith for a time such as this, and He longs to use you today, to bring healing to the hearts of so many who are not only physically broken, but spiritually. They may be physically homeless, but where is their spiritual home? 

       I don`t understand it, and I don`t like it. But I know that God, even in this, he is here. Maybe He took it all away, so all they would have is faith and faith alone.

       Don`t forget that He gave it all away for you...

To give to a faith-based non-profit helping not only provide physical needs but also the hope that has been lost in the Philippines visit Samaritans Purse or World Vision to give now. Give your money for their needs. Give your prayers for this healing. Give your hope for their loss. 

For God Alone
Oh My Soul, Wait In Silence
For My Hope Is From Him
He Is My Only Rock And My Salvation
My Fortress- I Shall Not Be Shaken

On God Rests
My Salvation
My Glory
My Mighty Rock
My Refuge is God
Trust In Him At All Times People,
Pour Your Heart Out Before Him
God Is A Refuge For Us

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