Chincoteague Part 2

         The last two days have been full and busy! Our second day began with an early morning free hotel breakfast followed by a day at the beach with our dogs. We took a small boat over to a private island off the coast of Assateague. The dogs had so much fun... swimming, rolling in the sand, attacking other dogs, and of course relaxing in the sunshine. All week it was 40-50% chance of rain but we ended up getting two days of perfect weather with beautiful sunshine and a crisp breeze.

       After our day at the beach we headed through town and stopped at the famous Mr. Whippies for ice cream. I only paid $3.50 for a banana split that was literally bigger than my abdomen. Here is proof...

       Then we headed back for a swim at the hotel and relaxed with the dogs for a while. That evening we decided to explore the little town of Pocomoke where our hotel was and eat at a local restaurant on the Pocomoke River downtown. We were extremely impressed by the food and the beautiful, quaint little town. It was really beautiful and peaceful. And then we spent the night relaxing at our cozy motel and continuing the story of our hotel drama.

Restaurant View

       Our last day on vacation began with a boat tour of both Chincoteague and Assateague led by two locals who had so much information and great stories about the history and future of the island of the famous wild ponies. On the cruise we saw several bald eagles and had great views of the ponies grazing alongside the bay.

      We stopped at another local homemade ice-cream joint before we thought we would rent some bikes for the afternoon. Instead we ended up renting a mini-hummer and exploring the islands with the top down! After the exploration we hit a few more small beach shops before heading back for another swim at the hotel. This time the dogs joined me, and Marley actually swam with me! She was scared to death at first, and then she randomly decided to jump off the side and come swim with me, it was hilarious. Parker just stayed by the side and barked at us like normal... afterwards we went for a hike with the dogs at the Pocomoke State Park which was fun, but loaded with ticks which was not so fun. So upon coming home we gave both of the dogs a good bath with flea and tick shampoo and then relaxed for a while. Our last stop was a well reviewed seafood restaurant called Steamers which was absolutely delicious. I had a shrimp plate and Nikki had a mixed seafood plate. And with our bellies stuffed we came home to our last night of vacation. Tomorrow we get back on the road and head to Blacksburg.



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