Chincoteague Part 1

        Our summer journey was planned early in the beginnings of summer and we hoped to travel to Colorado where we could hike and camp with the dogs. Once our schedules were figured out we figured a shorter distance would make the time away more worth it, so we decided on Chincoteague and Assateague Island.

       We had both never been there and had always wanted to experience the old Misty legend. Day 1 began in Blacksburg where we headed out early in the morning to drive to Maryland where we would stay. Along our way we spontaneously decided to stop in Williamsburg and explore for an hour. We both hadn`t be there in years and knew the dogs would appreciate the stop as well.
Beautiful Monarch Butterflies were abounding

         Onwards from Williamsburg we finally made it to our ghetto hotel in Maryland. After we complained about all the gross and weird things, we were still happy we paid the cheaper price to stay off the island. The evening concluded with ordering dominos pizza and my first rum 'n' coke and then some random TV shows before we finally went to bed. The time in between was filled with conversation as we created our own sitcom using characters from our hotel experience. Nikki continued the sitcom today with new characters and plot drama unfolding...

       Tuesday began with an early 5 am morning as Parker jumped out of bed to bark at every car door, horn beep, and person talking that he could. Between 5-9 we drifted in and out of sleep and when I finally got up at 9 I couldn`t remember whether yelling at Parker was in my dream or in reality.


       After we ate our amazing free breakfast we headed to the island where we spent the day shopping and exploring the island in the rain. We walked down Main Street, hiked to the lighthouse on Assateague, went to the Chincoteague horse center, and actually saw the wild ponies from the roadside on Assateague! We ate out at AJ`s which was recommended by many and I would say lived up to its expectations and then we finally headed home around 4. Since we were both pooped from lack of sleep the night before we spent the evening relaxing and ate food from home in the room. 

The wild ponies from afar

...more adventures to come.

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