Touring around Philly last weekend brought lots of fun and adventure to my life. I took my three future roommates to my sisters house in PA for lots of precious family time, playing with my nieces, and delicious food. After spending a day with them we headed towards Philly, reaching the city with ease, but sitting in an hour of traffic before we got our hotel. As we drove I found my other sister whose fiance lives in Philly was going to be in for the weekend! After we checked into the hotel we went on a carriage ride around historic Philly. Then Friday night we had a delicious malaysian dinner in China Town with Charley and her kevin. Saturday we spent the day touring led by our amazing tour guides-my sister and her fiance. We ate breakfast at Honey`s, walked through the farmers markets, visited the Italian part of the city, saw the Magic Gardens, went to the Art Museum, noticed tons of wall murals, saw central Philly: centennial building, courthouse, subway station, Love park, and so much more. Saturday night we went back to my sister` house and played with my sweet nieces. We went to church with them Sunday morning and then returned to Hokie Land-to study of course.
Much more than lots of new information and great pictures, Philly was a time for reflection and thanksgiving to my God. He prepared that weekend in a way I cannot describe. He intervened in ways I could reach out and grab His hand. And His provision was perfect and overflowing. It was a blessed time to spend with my sweet roommates, sisters, nieces, and brothers-in-law. I am so thankful for the time we all had together.
When my mind is so lost in this world of worries God intervenes at the perfect time to remind me that "he is making a way through my wilderness and providing rivers in my deserts." Isaiah 43:19

He has given food and provision to those who reverently and worshipfully fear Him; He will remember His covenant forever and imprint it on their mind. Psalm 111:5

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