Old Soul


                   I am not going to be mystical as some may with the concept of "Old Soul" but I am admitting I have learned in the past 2 years that I truly have an "Old Soul." First I believe I am a soul, that I was created and that I will exist beyond death here on earth. As C.S. Lewis said, "You don`t have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body."

                    I have always (as my parents tell me) been somewhat of a recluse meaning I really enjoy my alone and private time and I am overwhelmed when I am constantly around people. And for most of my life, I never felt alone. I felt so strongly the presence of the love of Christ that I truly never felt alone. However in the last 2 years I have experienced what it means to feel alone. What it means to feel completely and eternally alone, abandoned and without hope. I don`t know why God allowed me to go through this season and I may never know entirely but I do know that I have learned not only a lot about God and who he is but also about myself and how he created me.

            My old soul is not the only reason, but it is one a part of me that gives me extreme compassion and joy in serving the elderly. Now I spend many of my days with precious elderly couples and singles. I love serving them, learning from them, hearing their stories, and being blessed just by being with them. The elderly enjoy the world around them in way no one on my generation can even comprehend as they walk down the sidewalk glued to their iphone. I want to enjoy every part of the creation and world around me the Lord has blessed me with and the elderly help me to do that. Above is my beautiful Fritzi, as many of you know, whom I have taken the responsibility of being power of attorney for. It is a very demanding and time consuming job because I am responsible for her health and her well-being as well as care taking. But as much as I may complain and struggle with making big decisions on her behalf and managing her life, they don`t compare to the smile on her face being able to enjoy the time in her own home with her own things and to simply die in peace. That is her one hope. And it has come true. 

        I am thankful to God for teaching me and showing what it means that I am a soul, and an old soul at that. He has helped me to better understand myself and what I do need and what I don`t need as a person and ultimately this really helps me to know how to best use my passions to serve others. Right now that is the elderly, it may not always be, but for now I am blessed to follow his call in serving the people he has brought into my life. 

My beautiful Granny (90 yrs) meeting Fritzi for the first time (93)

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