Walk With Me

          Walk With Me is the title of my sister`s new blog which she started in order to try to keep all her prayer warriors updated regarding her fight with Melanoma. She is hoping to share her thoughts, her prayers, and her physical update as she has her next surgery and then seeks out further treatment. It has already been a story full of surprises and twists. God has surrounded her first with amazing connections to doctors and specialists who are helping her to make wise decisions and are supporting her in every step. God has surrounded her secondly with an amazing support group from her neighbors and church and friends as well as Kevins. They are both in awe of how people have just stepped up to serve them through bringing food and giving rides to the kids and on and on. And I am beyond thankful for these people too, doing the things I wish I could be there doing every day. And most importantly, loving on Jo and Kev and the kids. Last weekend I had the chance thankfully to take some time off of work and school and go and visit and love on all of them. It was so special to be there and to see Jo and to serve them and love them.

      Those are just a few of all of the amazing adventures we had in just a few short days. God is good. God is faithful. In even this his presence is alive and active. Jo has more than once told me she has never felt his absence. In her words, "Seriously... I cannot lie to say that I do not today or yet any single day yet since Aug 7th (confirmation of diagnosis day) feel Gods presence right here with me. "Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age: Matthew 28.20."

     Pray with us as she fights this battle. She is strong and she is a mighty warrior in Christ. Most of all pray God would use each of us as we support her to use this as an opportunity to make Christ known. 

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