Abounding in Thanksgiving

       Why do I often go a whole year until Thanksgiving hits and suddenly I start to count my blessings? Last night our house group started our study on Colossians where we went over the key verses Colossians 2:6-7. "Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, and overflowing with gratitude."

      So often in my life I am so bogged down with why my relationship with Christ is not more alive and active on a daily basis and last night I was reminded that this is often due to my lack of thankfulness. It isn`t my lack of understanding and knowledge which tell me yes, Christ saved me. Yes, I am redeemed. Yes, I am chosen. It is BELIEVING in those words. One person made the analogy when someone gives you a gift you say "thank you," trusting that there is in fact a gift to unwrap. Maybe I say thank you to God sometimes, but do I believe in the things I am saying I am thankful for? 

     We talked towards the end of how we can cultivate thankfulness in our hearts towards God on more of a daily basis. We ended with each sharing things that work for us and one that was named was to sit down and list what we are thankful for. So that is what this blog is for today. I am going to write until my mind stops, and then stop. I`m not going to search, but rather list what comes to mind. I know I could go on forever with the things I am thankful for. Some of these are stolen from other ideas shared last night.

1. To Christ who saved me and redeemed me. He set me free and gave me life
2. For my believing and supportive parents
3. For my 5 amazing siblings, three in-law siblings.
4. Being an aunt to my precious 3 nieces, 4 nephews and 1 new niece or nephew on the way!
5. Running water, hot and cold!
6. Trash cans and trash dumpsters
7. A running vehicle, paid for!
8. A grocery store which has anything and everything I could ever need to eat
9. The seasons of the year, especially in Blacksburg!
10. The Blue Ridge Mountains
11. My current health. I could have never imagined I would be this healthy again 2 years ago.
12. My co workers who are fun and help me learn
13. My Mary Kay business and the amazing women I have already met through it
14. My favorite 7 Chinese international students with whom I have had so many amazing memories to cherish
15. Having a place to live
16. Having a bed. 
17. Having internet whenever I need it
18. Having an electric bill to pay
19. Being able to pay my bills
20. The support of my church family
21. The words of scripture
22. Meine freunde
23. Fritzi is healthy and happy and has had no falls since she came home!
24. People fighting oppression and slavery in the world
25. Africa: zambia, Memory 
26. My dog who keeps me going
27. Flowers blooming and flowers growing
28. Weeping willows
29. Little children laughing and playing
30. Elderly women singing hymns
31. Meine Oma, ein christliches, gesundes Frau
32. People who can play instruments and use their gifts to worship the Lord
33. Worshipping amongst other believers
34. Horses: their smell, their strength, watching them run
35. All things German
36. Books, books, books.
37. Coffee, lattes, tea, warm drinks when it is cold
38. Baking
39. Fresh garden tomatoes and cucumbers
40. Biking through the mountains
41. Praying with women
42. Walking on the beach

        My mind is beginning to slow and yet I know I could write more. I hope today and in the days to come God uses this list to bring little reminders of his goodness and blessings in my life. All things good his hands have made for our enjoyment. I want to take nothing for granted.

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