All Things Fall

My first fall pumpkin
             Fall is leading the way into my favorite season, winter. The beautiful leaves are swiftly changing color and falling beside me as Parker and I go for long morning walks in the crisp breezes. I find myself quietly thanking the Lord nearly every day for the beautiful weather highlighted by the crisp fall breeze, falling leaves, and deep blue mountains. I dress myself in Hokie orange and maroon and realize I blend into the scenery around me.

          The physical changes around me remind me of the internal changes either happening or being wished and prayed for. I finally am cutting out medicines and still feeling emotionally stable, even happy. The welcoming of a precious new baby into my family paints a beautiful picture of the emotional healing go on in some of my family members through this precious little gift of grace. He is perfect, beautiful, happy, and oh so loved by his amazing mommy. I have long time known she would make an incredible mom, she has already been doing it most of her life. Watching generations of family members converse and laugh together reminds me of the internal gift of faith that has been passed down through generations in my family. I cannot be more grateful for my believing grandparents, believing parents, believing aunt and uncle, believing cousins, and believing siblings. Faith is a greater gift than anything physical.

My Hokie cheerleaders 
Baby and Momma

Free scooter riders with GG

Last fall hike... until the government is up and running again 
Breathtaking family farm view

sweet, sweet baby Sam
             These are only some of the moments I am working to capture this fall. Time with family, time with friends, time with roommates. Blessings galore. And more change is yet to come... traveling and a possible job change, finishing the semester and starting the new year. With all the physical changes I am praying for the spiritual.

             Lord make me for forgiving, Lord make me more patient and gracious. Give me a heart for even my enemies: at work, at home, all around me. Give me patience for my workplace and the daily frustrations presented there. Give me grace for the hurting and dying in my workplace. Lord give me forgiveness for those in my past I am still holding onto tightly, release my grip and raise my hand in love and thankfulness to you. These are the changes I long to see... so as the leaves fall all around me, strip away my sin and guilt. Make me something new.

         Psalm 143:8
Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love,
for in you I trust.
Make me know the way I should go,
for to you I lift up my soul.

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