My life is an Adventure

              So the adventure began, last week, when Nikki and I set out to drive to our camping site about an hour away. We started the drive with everything in the back of the truck and the dogs on our laps with beautiful blue skies and the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains to our left. We made one quick stop to have my first Virginia Buffalo Burger at one of Nikki`s favorite spots and then we headed down the mountain. Once we arrived we were checked in by a sweet old man behind a desk who first asked us, "do you have a good tent," "because the weather last night just never quit." Nikki and I just looked at each other and laughed. We headed out to pick a good campsite and started to unload, after tying the dogs to a nearby tree. We set up the tent fairly quick, for our first time, and set up the inside with most of our things and then we started to explore the campground. We quickly realized there wasn`t much to the grounds aside from a few small walking trails and then a huge beach area and lake with kayak and canoe rentals. We were excited for fishing the next day so we wanted to scope out the area. Within a few minutes we saw the huge, NO PETS ALLOWED ON BEACH, sign and were both a little surprised.

We headed back to the check in center and asked whether that meant also no dogs in the water and the verdict from the old man behind the desk was, "yep, I guess so." So over the next half hour I worked on a scheme to get a full refund for the $80 we has payed for the campsite and pet fee... after realizing we would have absolutely nothing to do but walk a few short walking trails for two days.  After that half an hour I had weaseled my way into a full refund and we were on our way up the mountain towards Blacksburg. Within minutes the sky became black and the winds picked up. I pulled over and Nikki somehow shoved the entire tent with poles, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats, into the front of the small cab truck with a big black lab and my little jack russell. And within minutes came the down poor of rain and we were SO glad we had stopped and put things in the truck. Here is proof.

On the way home Nikki`s mom called sounding worried and asked where we were and whether we were okay or not. We weren`t really sure what was going on. Little did we know Stuart, Va, where the campground was had been under tornado watches and was currently still under a watch until 45 minutes later or so. The Lord really did protect us. 
And so we headed back to Nikki`s and had a wii party and watched river monsters.

The next day we decided to venture out and camp and fish down at the new river which also was a flop when as we headed down the road the clouds began to funnel a drop and the rain came and winds picked up and we were just laughing. 
So back home we went for another fun night of wii and river monsters with the dogs.

I woke up the next morning and Nikki had already been to the store to get me coffee and cream and I was SO happy. She`s the best. And the sun was up! So not long after my morning coffee we packed up and headed to the river, and this time we had a beautiful day all day!

    We caught several fish and Nikki caught Parker a few times too :) The weather was absolutely gorgeous aside from some cold wind. I finally got to make cheesy weenies which was a camping favorite and s`mores. We set up the tent and all our camping stuff and were ready to endure the cold night. Little did we know the high was only going to be in the 30s and we weren`t really prepared. After we had our fishing fun we realized we were going to freeze...Parker had already been shaking for a while by that time... and so once again, we packed everything into the truck and headed back to Nikki`s. Another epic camping experience ending on a warm couch in front of the TV.

                  Oh how I love the adventures of life and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

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