Thanksgiving 2010

 In light of thanksgiving, for the past two weeks I racked my brain to understand thankfulness. And as I thought back over my life it was hard for me to face that I am no longer a teenager.

 Even as many would say I am young and restless, I felt really old this week. I realized I have been alive 20 years. 20 years. I started to think over all the things people have and can do in 20 years. I thought of the beautiful missionary lives I have read about. I thought about Jesus and his 33 years of ministry on earth, and all that he accomplished in only 3. Wow.

          Trying to wrap my mind about the past 20 years of my life, and what has remained that I am thankful for, I thought of one thing. The Word of God.
          Learning so much this semester about written words and the power they have over history, religion, philosophy, and the human mind and heart, has heightened even more my love and thankful heart for the Word. Imagine if God had just revealed the Word to us as He did Moses, imagine what it must have been like. Imagine the disciples, seeing Jesus with their own two eyes. Imagine all those who witnessed spiritual, physical, and emotional healing at the hand and power of Jesus. Imagine the cross, the day, the events leading up to it, the robber hanging aside Jesus, the resurrection.
        Imagine what it would have been like, without the Word.
        I cannot express my thankfulness for the Word. For how it is living, active, sharper than ANY two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and of marrow, discerning every thought and intention of the heart.
        The Word of God is powerful. Convicting. Encouraging. Teaching. Revealing. God`s love letter over every day of my life. The Holy Spirit`s tool to teaching me how to die to my flesh and live for Christ.
       The Word allows me to reflect and to remember who Christ is, and so who I am. Is there anything other than that to be thankful for?

      Thank you heavenly Father for your Word given to me. Thank you for its power to restore and remind me of truth each and every day. Thank you for who you are and how the Word gives me some small grasp on how to understand you and see into the depths of your heart. Thank you Holy Spirit for searching the depths of God and revealing it to me through the Word. Forever I am thankful. Forever I long to be with you, and you Word keep me going forward in this broken, empty world.

       My heart stands in awe of your words! I rejoice in
your words as one who finds great spoil!
Psalm 119:161-162

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