Zambia Go Team Report

Muli Shani family and friends!! (How are you!)
The tapestry the Lord is weaving in and around my life never ceases to amaze me. In November of 2009 the Lord called me to go to Zambia with Cure International. Since 13, part of my heart has been in Zambia with my sponsor child through World Vision, Melody Muchimba. Cure was the perfect fit for me with my heart for missions, medicine, and Zambia. Although it took much encouragement from the Lord, family, and friends to convince me to really raise the funds, prayer support, and GO. Our team of 9 from the USA arrived in Lusaka, Zambia on Thursday evening, July 21st. We spent the first day going through orientation, meeting staff, and getting used to everything Zambian that we could. On Saturday, I was privileged to go on a day medical outreach with Pastor Harold, Dr. Moyo, and two of my teammates. We found out that morning that Cure partners with World Vision in southern Zambia to run day clinics. We were able to meet World Vision staff and we used their facilities, which was incredible blessing from God. In one day we saw over 200 patients plagued with various diseases and disabilities. Half of the patients made appointments for further treatment at the Cure hospital. It was an amazing experience. On Sunday we attended a traditional Zambian worship service, which was a whole story of its own! Never have I seen believers worship with such joy and enthusiasm, for 3 hours straight! We spent the rest of Sunday packing for the outreach and enjoying time at the hospital in Lusaka.
Monday through Saturday we served on the Cure outreach team (9 Americans and 40 Lusakan Zambians) in Mpongwe, Zambia (7 hours north of the city in a rural, bush area). These villagers have no school, no clean water, no electricity, and no medical care. Each day of the outreach felt like a week of ministry in itself. However we did have somewhat of a schedule. From 8-12 we walked and spread the Gospel to whomever God lead us to. After lunch, from 2-4pm we had 5 classes (i.e.: children’s ministry, young believers) for villagers to attend as well as the medical clinic. After dinner, as the sun set, we showed the Jesus Film in the local language, Tonga, each night. Other than the schedule we spent all our time experiencing the culture and serving people. We had 6 outreach groups, which separated for the evangelism and afternoon activities. In these 6 groups we also had responsibilities such as: drawing well water (2 mile walk each way), buying corn (which is where their staple food, Nshima, comes from), vegetables, fruits, and occasionally an ox, goat, or chicken. We all worked together to make meals, clean, and even slaughter our game. It was incredible to experience what it may have been like, somewhat, for Jesus as he left the glory of heaven to dwell with a people, dress like them, eat like them, and talk like them. To learn their customs and their beliefs. It was absolutely incredible. For the last part of our trip in Zambia we spent a day in Zimbabwe visiting Victoria Falls and experiencing the touristy part of the country. And then from Monday to Wednesday we were back in Lusaka at the Cure Hospital. During those 3 days I spent all my time with the doctors and nurses observing and helping as I could. I was able to watch two surgeries, play with patients in the children’s ward, and spend time with the doctors It was beautiful to see the heart and call of each of the doctors at Cure Zambia and how they loved these underserved village people so passionately with the love of Christ. God took my team of 9, along with the Zambian team, around the country of Zambia and heaps of experiences in order to reveal his glory to a people who desperately needed to see it. And I know now, as I prayed and prayed and begged others to pray, “that we would see God doing a work in our days, a work that we wouldn’t believe, even if told.” (Acts 13:41) And I pray now as I share what God did in Zambia, how he did more abundantly than anything we could ask or think, according to power at work in us, that your heart would be receptive to believing and being encouraged by his glory in that place. To be honest I felt somewhat useless as I prepared for this trip. Knowing I had no medical background, as of now, and little skills to actually help on a medical mission trip, as well as having so many funds to raise to get there. It took a lot of heart wrestling for God to convince me to trust him and rest in his providence. And I will never stop being thankful that He did. Now that I am home I know clearly why he called and sent me to Zambia. Much more than simply a heart for missions and medicine. He sent me to literally be his hands and feet of providence to a non-profit hospital that needed my blessings. He sent me so I could experience spiritual healing in my own life, much of which I didn’t even know I needed. More than medical, many received the spiritually healing gift of eternal life that they otherwise never would have. The Holy Spirit worked in lives each day in a way I have never seen. People were so receptive and responsive to the Gospel; to the outreach evangelism and the Jesus Film. In 6 short days in the bush, we saw 177 (recorded) people, from age 8 to age 93 fall at the foot of the cross, in awe of the love of a God they could hardly grasp, and dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ. Rejoice in 177 new Zambian brothers and sisters in Christ! There are no words to describe how beautiful it is. I cannot thank you enough for your prayers. God answered them in abundance! And even more I cannot thank you enough for your financial support. Which, little did I know in my doubting mind, paid for the entire outreach that we did in Zambia. Your money, combined with my 8 teammates, paid for all the Zambian staff to go, the food, gas, medical supplies, AND the extra we left will pay for 6 life-changing surgeries at the Cure hospital in Lusaka. Tears fill my eyes in telling you that your prayers and financial support will be blessed through 177 eternally changed lives in Zambia. So thank you! Thank you for trusting Christ, and trusting him for me, with your support! I promise you were there in spirit through your support! I wish I could write a book about just the three short weeks I spent in Zambia, because so little fits in this letter. BUT I encourage you to go to my blog where you can see pictures, and read my journal where I wrote stories and testimonies of how God moved in my life and in the lives of Zambians. This is one of the verses God laid on my heart in Zambia, which speaks to both my life and the lives of so many we encountered. “Come, let us return to the LORD; for he has torn us, that he may heal us; he has struck us down, and he will bind us up.” (Hosea 6:1)

Thank you so much and may God richly bless you today!
Lesley Rebecca

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