Zambia Bound

Well bright and early tomorrow morning I am off to Lusaka, Zambia for three weeks of ministry and serving. I am excited, afraid, and ready all at the same time. I cannot wait to meet my team around 2pm in the Washington/Dulles Airport and to head off to Zambia tomorrow afternoon. God has so orchestrated this entire trip that I am so ready to see all that he has planned and how he provides for each of us, and the Zambians. I pray that I would be absolutely in awe of the glory of God. That is my biggest prayer. That each and every one of us see God’s glory in a new and deeper way. One that pushes us to strive to love him more and serve him wholeheartedly. I know more than our fears, insecurities, and worries, God is sovereign, and God is faithful. I pray I would see that through seeing his glory made famous in Zambia. Here are some specific things to pray for: As well as through Acts 13, which I listed before. I am so grateful that I have your prayers carrying me as I go, I know God is going to use your prayers to do great and glorious things that we won’t even believe when told.

On the Field:

§ Make each flight on time and be on schedule

§ Receive all luggage upon arrival without any difficulty or delay

§ Have no difficulty with customs

§ Get a good night’s sleep and be well rested to serve

§ Able to enjoy the local food and not become sick

§ Adjust to using a translator

§ Settle in and feel at home with the hospital staff and team members

§ Are amazed at how God works

§ Become a blessing to the local staff and Zambians whom we are serving

§ Would not grow weary or tired, but be energized and encouraged those around us

§ Work in confidence

Coming Home:

§ Would be full of patience with family, friends, and coworkers

§ Able to tell stories in a way that motives others to join in the same efforts

§ Would stay involved through prayer and using resources for Zambia

§ Would be forever changed by means of the trip

Thank you for your servant heart to be with me in praying in the Spirit for this trip. Keep in touch with updates from my mom in my Zambia blog. Love you!


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