Jagdgut Wachtelhof

Such a beautiful place is hard to find. 
A place where natural landscape and intricate design come together to create the perfect atmosphere for true rest and relaxation.

         So I am living with a family in Germany and this is part of their family business, a hotel they run in Salzburg, Austria. This is a family combining many skills which then create such beautiful places: interior design, architecture, business management, hospitality, love for sport and food, and understanding the true value of family time. The family goes each year for two weeks at Christmas time to their personal Chalet which is just above the Hotel and they enjoy these exact mountains and this similar experience, as a family. Now they have worked to provide such a place where others can come and bring their family and friends to experience the same fun and love they do each year. 

      Hotel Jagdgut Wachtelhof is located deep in the Austrian Alps surrounded by pristine ski slopes and absolutely breathtaking scenery. Go to the homepage on the Hotel`s website and spend 3 minutes looking through the main photos and you will instantaneously fall in love. You won`t only love the views but the all around experience which includes spas and swimming, skiing all day if you choose, an open bar and cocktail hour, special tours and activities for children, a hospitable and welcoming environment, historical preservation of the Hotel through decoration and architecture, intense workout regimes and healthy menus for those who don`t want to leave exercise behind on their vacation, and more. Check out their facebook page for updates. 

     If you have never vacationed in the Alps... this place is a must. Rooted in the original history of Salzburg with their fame in music and the arts. You can enjoy rich cultural experiences through plays and musicals as well as spend your days in the heart of the Alps, the most beautiful place I have been in my life until now. 

    Maybe there is no way in the world you can take off work or spend the money to go, but check out the website and see for yourself the incredible beauty and majesty of this place.

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