Step by Step

     "there will never be all the answers, you just have to go on walking... step by step." Why is there so much pressure to make decisions, to plan each day of life down to its smallest parts? These pressures wear on me and tear at the joy the Lord work graciously to give me freely. Why do I feel like I have to have everything together and know exactly what my life will look like? I don`t. I don`t have to have all the answers, I don`t have to see the path ahead. The fog protects me by forcing me to look straight at my feet and focus on the step I am taking... step by step.

     "He is your source of forgiveness, not how the future turns out." So start taking walking again... step by step. Opening the doors of this stubborn, prideful heart to accept your forgiveness and agree with the truth of the gospel.

     "You don`t create God, you can create your own god instead, but God is his own being. You cannot create him by accepting and believing only parts of him. He is who he is. The God of wrath. The God of justice. The God of mercy. The God of righteousness and holiness and purity. The God of creation. The God of love. He is God. Don`t put him in a box and only accept parts of him otherwise you are missing him!"

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